Jewellery Workshop Calendar

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Please see the calendar for additional workshop information.


Brass and copper metals are provided in the cost of these specific workshops. Additional metals are provided per request and for an additional cost.


Casting your wax designs is an additional fee. Which is subject to your unique wax design. Cost are calculated in gram weight and type of metal you wish for your piece to be casted in.



  • Appropriate close toes shoes and clothes that can get dirty are ideal for all workshops.
  • The instructor will point out where the first aid kit, eye wash and fire extinguishers are before the start of each workshop.
  • If an instructor advises you on your use of something, please comply.

Tool Use

  • Absolutely no equipment or tools should be operated without:
      A. prior instruction
      B. the use of appropriate safety gear, and
      C. adherence to safety measures and proper procedures.
  • All tools are provided for each workshop accordingly. We do offer a tool kit for sale in the studio. Please note that outside tools are strictly prohibited from use during the workshops.
  • If you are not confident or have questions regarding tools/ equipment, ask your instructor for more info or demos.

Jewellery   Workshop   Cancellation   Policy

There are no make up workshops. Please consult the timeline of the workshop before registering so there are no missed classes.

Note: in order to run a workshop we must have a minimum of 4 people in any given workshop.
If we are under attendance levels we will contact you one week prior to the workshop starting. A full refund will be given if the workshop does not run.

*Minimum workshop age is 16 years old and must be accompanied by an adult*
*The materials used in our workshops are not safe to be exposed to during pregnancy*

Frequently   Asked   Questions


Will you repair jewellery while you wait?

No, we do not do any repairs while you wait. The piece needs to be properly cleaned before work can be started on it. Repairs are placed in a queue by date when it comes in. We do our best to have repairs done within two weeks. We are willing to make some accommodations when we can.

Do you clean or inspect jewellery even if it's not purchased there?

Yes, simple cleanings can be done in a few minutes, in front of you. We will gladly inspect jewellery whether it is purchase here or not.

Do you do repairs on site?

We are a working goldsmith shop and all repairs are done on site. However, we do not do rhodium plate, or fuse platinum on site. We do have a trusted goldsmith off site who does both jobs for us.

Custom Jewellery

What is the first step in creating something custom?

We can create almost anything for you. It's best if you have some ideas and designs to start with. From there we can discuss further details about the piece. Photos of jewellery you've seen online are a great way to convey your ideas and it's just as helpful knowing what you don't want.

What is the cost?

We cannot give you an accurate quote without knowing what we are designing, what metal, stones if any, etc. Once we have a consultation with you (either coming into the shop or sending us an email) and get those details, then we can quote you.

Do you have a catalogue of previous pieces you've designed?

Our custom pieces are all on our Facebook and Instagram pages. View our instant link at the bottom of the 'contact us' page.


Do I need to bring any tools or metal?

No, all tools and materials will be provided to you during the workshop.

What does a typical day look like at a private wedding band workshop?

Step 1: First you book two time slots for the workshops and there needs to be at least a two week period between the two workshops (there can be more then two weeks if needed). The workshops are private and the time slots are chosen at the availability of the couple and Joan. To reserve the workshop times we do need payment in full.

Step 2: The first workshop. This workshop will take between three to four hours. You will be carving your rings in wax. Once the rings are carved in wax you can choose your metal and we can let you know the cost of the metal.

Step 3: The second workshop. The rings will be cast in the metal of your choice within the two weeks between classes and the next step is cleaning the rings. This workshop is shorter than the first and will take two or three hours. At the end of this workshop your rings will be done and ready to take home!

What metals are available to cast?

Sterling silver, 10KT, 14KT 18KT- Yellow, White and Rose gold, and Platinum.

What is the price difference between metals? Do I need to decide what metal I want before the class?

You do not have to decide until the wax rings are carved. We cannot give an accurate quote until we weigh the wax and then we can tell you what each metal would be. We will try to stay within your budget and we will recommend thinning out the band or taking down the width, etc, if we feel it necessary. We will make sure you are happy with your piece and price before casting.